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X-Forensics Tools

Tools for Digital Forensic Practitioners developed based on more than 20 yers of experience in the field.

  1. x-Forensik Kloner - a tool that comes with cloning, imaging and wiping capabilities developed by in compliance to the specifications of international digital forensic standards, with a write-protect function and hashing function.
  2. x-Forensik DataHapus - A portable data sanitization tool specifically developed to assist government and private sectors to securely wipe confidential data from storage devices. Also used to verify content of storage device after the wiping process as to give guarantee before it is disposed or transferred to other party.
  3. x-Forensik Pendua - A portable digital document duplicator used at incident scene to forensically copy data from suspect’s computer. The output of this PenDua can be used in litigation process.
  4. x-Forensik EPA - A tool to extract and analyze video evidence from heterogenous CCTV with reporting that is developed locally, operational and functional requirement and according to experience-based.

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